Thai Model and Actress Panipak Liky " Pray For Justice "

Thai Model and Actress  Panipak Liky " Pray For Justice "

Dear all myanmar fans,

According to the situation now, i would like to say that all your requires and tags you guys sent to me, i got it and i didn't ignore.
Due to the death sentence to murder case in my country.. i really understand how myanmar people feel. But i want you guys to understand me too.. i am just an actress who don't have power to force or judge this case by myself.. i'm also thai citizen who have to be under my country law, so please kindly understand my position.
But in my opinion... i disagree with the result.. as we know that if the evidences are weak and DNA proving is not clear.. those 2 myanmar victims should not be punished til dead.. as long as the evidences can't prove that they are wrong.. they don't deserve the death sentence.
I really hope that this situation will be solved in the right way.
On behalf of thai people i have to say sorry.. and hopfully that my dear myanmar fans will understand me... in my mind i always stand for justice and disagree for this death sentence.